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Happy Holidays! From the Marine Toys For Tots Staff.

Toys for Tots accepts requests starting Oct 1st.



As we work solely on donations we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill every request that we receive, but it is our goal this year to assist as many organizations in the New York City area as the donations will allow. To expedite the selection process we ask that you double-check your request to ensure that you include all of the required information.


Toy distribution is on a first come first serve basis.


*Families requesting toys this year must do so at charitable organizations such as churches or other 501(c)(3) organizations in their local neighborhoods.   You may contact the NYPD Community Affairs Office in your local precinct for information on requesting toys or finding non-profit organizations.  For more information on the reason of this change please click here .


Organizations requesting toys may fax or mail in the request with the following information on their company letterhead:




Number of Children:

Age of each Child:

Gender of each child:

A copy of your company's 501 C 3 Tax Exemption Letter.


Fax the request to (718) 338-6763



We look forward to providing toys to as many children as we can every year. Please be patient with the process as we receive thousands requests during this time of the year.


Happy Holidays,



Toys For Tots Staff

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Office (718) 338-9695

Fax (718) 338-6763